On the great ranches of the west, the cook’s kitchen was a welcoming gathering place. The long days ended around plentiful tables. With the ring of a bell, the cook’s creation was served. Family, friends, and helping hands gathered together. And it was here, where the chef’s offerings stood their ultimate test: the hearty appetites of those taming the Canadian West.

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Today, our unique form of western hospitality and dedication to impeccable experiences defines everything we offer. Still rooted in the ranch, we have prepared a menu true to Alberta’s local flavours – from fresh, locally grown produce to our world-famous Alberta beef.

Our unique form of western hospitality and dedication to impeccable experiences defines everything we offer.

Grown Right. Here.

The Calgary Stampede is proud of its agricultural roots. By offering fresh food sourced from our local producers, we’re able serve up a truly authentic western culinary experience.

Local Libations

Alongside a wide international selection, we offer the best locally produced beverages. We source much of our wine from Canada’s world-renowned Okanagan Valley vineyards. Our distillery partners use regional ingredients to create unique spirits that can be enjoyed alone or in delectable cocktails. We recommend starting with a Caesar cocktail, an infamous Canadian staple born in Calgary.

The spirit of the West

Savour a taste of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth with this made-in-Alberta rye whisky, inspired by the legendary spirit of The Calgary Stampede.

True to our shared agriculture roots and proud western heritage, Stampede Canadian Rye Whisky is crafted with the same pride and passion as the farmers who devote their lives to putting food on our tables and whisky in our glasses.

Every drop represents our connection to each other and the land. Our shared values and the memories we've forged together. Kick off your boots and raise a glass to those who know the value of an honest days' work, and the importance of gathering together to celebrate.