The Bigger Picture

BMO Centre is at the heart of downtown Calgary’s new Culture + Entertainment District.

Ever since the city’s birth in 1875, downtown Calgary’s east end has been a hub of culture and entertainment—an essence sustained and reinforced by the Calgary Stampede’s Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth for more than a century.

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) – the visionary team of developers and placemakers who brought East Village back to life – and the Calgary Stampede have worked closely as partners and neighbours since 2007, when CMLC launched its phenomenally successful infrastructure improvement and placemaking program to redevelop and revitalize East Village.

Just as Calgary Public Library sought out CMLC’s expertise in project management, development and placemaking for Calgary’s new Central Library, the Calgary Stampede has enlisted CMLC to apply its expertise in inner-city mixed-use development on our behalf.

Guided by the newly minted Rivers District Master Plan (RDMP), created in collaboration with the Calgary Stampede, CMLC is now working to infuse new energy and new life into east Victoria Park. A key component of the RDMP is the expansion and modernization of the BMO Centre in the context of, and as a catalyst for, Calgary’s Culture + Entertainment District in the city’s east end.

The BMO Centre expansion project will deliver a world-class convention centre and catalyze development in a neighbourhood primed for redevelopment while adding jobs and injecting new energy into the city.

The BMO Centre Expansion benefits all Calgarians.

With east Victoria Park emerging as the city’s Culture and Entertainment District. The master plan vision celebrates the area’s DNA and Calgary’s strong history of sport, culture and entertainment, and the entire city will reap the rewards.

The BMO Centre expansion will lend unstoppable momentum to the transformation now underway in Calgary’s Culture and Entertainment District. During construction and afterward, it will:

  • Support the creation of thousands of jobs

  • Catalyze private investment and new development

  • Boost the economies of the district, city, province and country