Opening in 2024, the expansion of the BMO Centre promises to make gatherings even greater. At over 1 million square feet, the BMO Centre will be the largest convention centre in Western Canada. An anchor to the new and vibrant Culture + Entertainment District, guests will be welcomed with our western hospitality and Stampede spirit, in one of the most energetic convention areas in North America.

  • 9,000metric tonnes of steel
  • 565,000sq. ft. of expansion
  • $540million in economic benefit for Alberta
  • $700million in economic benefit for Canada

Live Project Update

For over 100 years, the Calgary Stampede has welcomed millions of guests from around the world, extending our western hospitality during our world-renowned events. Since 1982, the BMO Centre at Stampede Park has been at the heart of many of those gatherings, bringing guests together for consumer and trade shows, special events, meetings and conventions.

The BMO Centre expansion will lend unstoppable momentum to the transformation now underway in Calgary’s Culture + Entertainment District. During construction and afterward, it will:

  • Support the creation of thousands of jobs

  • Catalyze private investment and new development

  • Boost the economies of the district, city, province and country


  • Largest convention facility in Western Canada

  • Over one million total square feet

  • 102,500 sq. ft. of new exhibit hall space

  • 68,000 sq. ft. of new meeting room space

  • 50,000 sq. ft. of new ballroom space

  • A new 118,500 sq. ft. back-of-house service area

  • Central Hub & Atrium

  • Pre-function area

  • Outdoor Plaza & Pavilion

  • Public Art Sites

  • Market Café

  • Motor Coach parking

Substantial Completion

The BMO Centre expansion project has been years in the making for the Calgary Stampede, from first questioning ‘Should we expand?’ to considering ‘What would an expansion look like?’ to then involving our development partners in making it happen. Our team will now work to operationalize the building in preparation for welcoming the world to the BMO Centre at Stampede Park in June 2024. We can’t wait to welcome you to this iconic space on Stampede Park. 

Neon Cowboy

Once a beacon for concerts, hockey games, Olympic events, rodeos and more, the Stampede Corral’s Neon Cowboy witnessed decades of events and celebrations. It is now being reimagined at a nearly 1:1 scale as a marquee installation in the expanded BMO Centre.

"The Neon Cowboy was truly a visual symbol of Stampede Park’s history and Calgarian’s Nostalgia. The re-envisioned Neon Cowboy will continue to exude our community spirit as we welcome the world to Stampede Park and the expanded BMO Centre". 

This feature installation will be displayed on the main floor of the BMO Centre expansion in an area where many visitors will be able to enjoy it.

Brand Room Doors

A prominent new space in the BMO Centre expansion, the Brand Room is named after the brands of the Stampede’s “Big Four" founders. The 3,000 sq. ft. space features natural light and elevated finishes, including charred wood, leather and copper accents. The space is complimented by an 11,000 sq. ft. covered outdoor balcony that offers sweeping views of Stampede Park year-round.

"To welcome guests into the space, we've partnered with Alberta Boot to do a custom stitch design on the Brand Room doors. The design pays homage to the Calgary Stampede’s past while adding contemporary elements, elegance and intrigue".

The Brand Room doors by the Alberta Boot Company will feature their iconic "Calgary" stitch pattern, further highlighting the Stampede's Western heritage. 

Pavilion Lights Project

Introducing the Pavilion Lights on the BMO Centre expansion –1,500 unique lighting soffits will grace the 170-ft. curved canopy, seamlessly reaching out of the expansion and onto the outdoor plaza on the south side of the building. Showcasing the energy and movement of Stampede, the Pavilion Lights reflect the rides, lights, fireworks and excitement of our annual celebration, creating the ultimate sense of arrival as guests approach the BMO Centre expansion. We can’t wait to welcome our community and guests from around the world to the BMO Centre expansion in time for Stampede 2024 with the Pavilion Lights.

Public Art Project

Spirit Of Water

We are thrilled with the addition of Spirit of Water on Stampede Park – a public artwork that will create a focal point for visitors in our community and from around the world to gather at the newly expanded BMO Centre when it opens in time for Stampede 2024.

This incredible work by renowned artist, Gerry Judah, will join our 14-piece outdoor public art collection and add to our storied history and celebration of community. Spirit of Water is set to be installed in front of the BMO Centre expansion in spring 2024.

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